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Bad Blood Nasty Salt - Nasty Nic salt Juice Ireland

Nasty Salts Nic Salts eLiquid range by Nasty Juice Ireland

Nasty Salts best selling flavours are now available in 20mg nicotine salts version in Ireland. 

We made sure, you can buy Nasty salts as cheap as possible and we decrease our price to only 4.99 per bottle. 

BAD blood is filled with freshly picked Blackcurrant, nice, fruity and juice. As only Nasty juices can paired with notes Mint in background make this your new all day vape, which will refresh your taste buds as never before. 

BAD Blood Nasty salt is a nicotine salt based vape juice. We can called it the best blackcurrant nic salt in Ireland. 

Nasty Salts Ireland

Nicotine content:
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: in stock
Eur 4.99 pcs
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Asap grape Nasty Salt - Nasty Nic salts Ireland

BAD BLOOD Nasty salt is a high-nicotine Vape Juice, combining clearest sort of nicotine salts with Blackcurrant combined with hint of Minty backgrounds. 

Your taste buds will enjoy exhale taste of juicy blackcurrant topped with the taste of cooling mint to create an amazing taste that you will never get bored of.

If you love Blackcurrant , we can recommend Bad blood by Nasty as your new no1 Nic salt juice in Ireland

VG / PG Ratio of Nasty Salts ejuices: 50 | 50 

Nicotine Content of Nasty salts: 20mg

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