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Concentrate Havana by 3 Baccos

Warranty: 24 months
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Concentrate Havana by 3 Baccos in Ireland

¡Bienvenido to Habana! Aaaah Cuba! Its paradisiac beaches, its colorful streets, its American cars of the years 1950 … and especially: the inimitable taste of a good Cuban classic! 3Baccos takes you aboard a Chevrolet BelAir to visit the iconic streets of Havana, your e-cigarette in hand, with a 30 ml DIY concentrate with the unique flavor: Havana. Havana de 3Baccos is the DIY concentrate that succeeds in restoring all the intensity of the aromas of a true Cuban classic, with a light touch of sweetness that makes it very airy. Take part in the trip and bring to you delicious Cuban clouds with Havana!

Havana concentrate from 3Baccos is only for DIY preparations. It must be mixed with a base (nicotine or not) in PG / VG. It can not be used directly.

Dosage: 20% (50/50) – Steep: from 2 weeks.

Havana concentrate is available in a dropper bottle with a capacity of 30ml.

Made in Canada.


This product is a concentrate of aromas. Never consume it pure! Havana Concentrate is a component for e-liquid DIY. It must imperatively be diluted in a PG / VG base of your choice according to a percentage of the volume of e-liquid that you wish to create.
The amount of concentrate will vary slightly depending on the rate of your base.

For its aroma diy Havana, 3 Baccos advises mixing:

  • 18% concentrate in a PG / VG base of 70/30
  • 20% concentrate in a base PG / VG of 50/50
  • 22% concentrate in a PG / VG base of 30/70