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Hand Gel Sanitizers

The only way how to fight and stay safe with Covid 19 situation in Ireland is to clean your hands as much and as often as you can. We all know the situation where there is no water or sink to wash our hands. 

Using alcolohol based Handsanitizers if a very effective way of keeping our hands bacteria and virus free. 

All our Hand sanitizers gels are a thick gel based liquids, with minimum content of alcohol of 70%. There is no water added to it. To ensure excellent quality and usability, Our Instant Hand sanitizers coming with extra quick drying formula, leaving your hands crisp, fresh and clean whilst killing 99.9% of germs and bacterias on your hands in seconds. 

Perfect size of 100ml easy to squeeze bottle will fit into every packet or hand bag. Thanks to the anti drying ingrediants, our Hand sanitizers does not dry your skin.

How to use Hand sanitizers in Ireland

In most of Eu countries using Hand sanitizers is the only way how to enter shops, churches, busses and other public spaces. Also Irish Health organizations are calling to start using Handsanitizers and Face masks. If you look into other countries, like Slovakia, where wearing face masks and using hand sanitizers since day one, You will see a massive different on almost no possitive on Covid 19. Using Hand sanitizers is not only mandatory, but It is recommended by every single Health Organization worldwide. 

It is not only good to have it, but best thing is to use it as much as needed. Alcohol based Hand sanitizers will only kill many types of bacterias when used correctly. 
Usually people may not use a large enough volume or may wipe it off before it has dried. Our first quick tip is there is never too much of hand sanitzer on your hand. Better use more and effectively clean your hands. 

To use Hand sanitizer correctly, please follow this simple steps:

  • Place at list 1-3ml in the palm of one hand. 
  • Rub your hands together, covering your entire hand, including between your fingers.
  • Stop rubbing in the sanitizer only once your skin is dry.

Hand Sanitizers vs Handwashing

Hand sanitizer may kill viruses and certain bacteria, but it does not actually  'clean' your hands like soap and water do. Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer doesn't remove actual dirt and debris. Soap and planty of hot water kills germs, binds them, and helps physically remove them, with the water, off your skin and down the drain. Hand sanitizer are more portable and accessible when people are on the go, which can increase the number of times they are able to disinfect their hands. This can help reduce the likelihood of transmitting viruses 

The Pros of using Hand Sanitizers in Ireland

We can all help each other and desinfect our hands as often as possible. We will leave all products clean and healthy for others. Do your part and keep Ireland safe again. 

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