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Fruity Champions League Aroma Double Strawberry 30ml

Price Eur 13.50
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Warranty: 24 months

Fruity Champions League Aroma Double Strawberry 30ml in Ireland

Delicious aromas of strawberry and wild strawberries ...


This product contains flavors concentrated. Eat never pure ! The aroma Peach Lemon is a component for e-liquid DIY. It must be diluted in a base of PG/VG of your choice according to a percentage of the volume of e-liquid that you want to create. 
The amount of aroma will vary slightly according to the rate of VG from your base.

For its concentrated e-liquid Peach to Lemon, Fruity Champions League advises to mix :

  • 15% concentrate in a base of PG/VG 50/50

  • 17% of the concentrate in a base of PG/VG 20/80

  • 20% concentrate in a base of 100% VG


Preparation of the mixture

For a precise dosage, you will need 3 elements

  • Your aroma concentrate

  • Base PG/VG with or without nicotine

  • A vacuum flask to hold your mixture

You will not be able to perform a precise dosage by pouring the aroma directly into your bottle of basis. You will need an empty bottle and set how much e-liquid you want to create


For example, if you want to create 50ml of e-liquid consumable with this aroma and a base in 50/50 PG/VG, there is a need to :

  1. Take a vacuum flask of at least 50ml, preferably graduated ;

  2. Put 7.5 ml of the concentrate in the vial, which corresponds to 15% of 50ml ;

  3. Fill your 50ml with your base ;

  4. Shake vigorously the mixture for diluting the aroma and the base in a homogeneous way ;

You have just to create 50ml of e-liquid, where there are indeed 15% of the total volume of aroma.

To help you achieve the DIY perfect, use the Calculator DIY ! Click on the button "Calculate your Mix" below the product image.


Maturation (Steeping)

Once your mixture base/concentrate is made, you need to let the e-liquid mature (steeper) for the flavours to diffuse. The duration of maturation depends on the type of flavor concentrate. As a general rule, you need to :

  • fruity aromas simple - 0 to 5 days

  • fruity aromas with complex (multiple flavors) - from 3 to 7 days

  • aromas of mint, spices, anise, licorice, coffee, vanilla, 1 to 2 weeks

  • flavors gourmet - more than 3 weeks

  • aromas of classic - from 2 weeks


Your retention of the aroma DIY Fruity Champions League

To enjoy your e-liquid DIY in optimal conditions, be sure to store your various components in a dry place, at room temperature and protected from light. Well-preserved, you can even continue to use your aroma 30ml after exceeding the shelf life. However, it is possible that you might see a weakening and/or a slight alteration of the flavor with the time.



During your preparations, DIY, make sure to use hardware suitable for the dosing and storage of liquids. Make your DIY on a clean working surface and get latex gloves and safety glasses. Here you will find all the supplies you'll need for a DIY successful.