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Wotofo Profile RDTA tank in Ireland


The Wotofo Profile sub ohm is a powerful 25mm diameter RDTA tank .

Its build deck accepts Mesh, single coil or double coils.

Thanks to the included pin adapter, it is abble to convert to RDA too.

It has an air flow system optimized by its honeycomb air inlets which increase the production of vapor and enritched e liquid flavors.

Profile RDTA has a large capacity tank which will fill from the top.

With its dimensions of 52.7 x 25 mm, it will be compatible with the majority of boxes on the market.

Read more about Profile RDTA down bellow

Warranty: 3 months
Availability: out of stock
Eur 39.99 pcs
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Wotofo Profile RDTA tank in Ireland

The Profile RDTA by Wotofo is a versatil, original and large RDTA tank, which can hold massive capacity of your favorite vape e liquid. If you are fan of RDTA tanks Profile will meet or even exceed your needs. It has a diameter of 25mm which will perfectly fit to most of vape mods.

f you’ve never used a Profile atomizer before, it’s important to remember that the cotton you put in here needs to be pretty tight. You need a lot of cotton. If you don’t pack it in there, the cotton will shrink when it gets soaked with e-liquid and you’ll get a hot spot if it doesn’t touch the mesh. You don’t want it so tight that you can barely fit the cotton in there, but it needs to be tight. The cotton that comes with the Profile RDTA is perfect and you won’t have to worry about it as long as you keep using those strips, so I recommend that you keep buying these strips until you get the hang of cutting your own.

When you trim the cotton, cut it so that it’s just long enough to reach the bottom of the deck, but no more than that. To get the cotton to wick properly, I would also suggest trimming the cotton at an angle so that it’s trimmed shorter close to the coil.

If you want to use a regular coil instead of a mesh strip, it’s as easy as dropping the coil into the slots in the spring-loaded clamp and then tightening the posts down. Wotofo suggests that you use either a single 3mm inner-diameter coil positioned in the middle or two 3mm inner-diameter coils offset from the middle. You can fit some big coils in here!

Also on the deck is a pressure relief vent, which helps to prevent the tank under the tank from building up pressure and causing leaks.

And then this larger hold near one of the clamps is the fill hole, which is how you fill the lower tank.


wotofo profile ireland

Versatil build deck

The Wotofo Profile sub ohm is a powerful 25mm diameter RDTA tank .

Its build deck accepts Mesh, single coil or double coils.


Profile RDA pin included

it comes with a unique specific pin which also allows it to be converted into a real RDA.

Wotofo profile rdta ireland


Wotofo RDTA tank ireland

Wotofo Profile RDTA size


Wotofo profile rdta refilling with e liquid

Profile large hole for e liquids


wotofo profile rdta ireland

Wotofo inovations

To more efficiently return the liquid to the coil, the Profile has four large steel cables. This clever system makes it easier to soak the cotton in e-liquid and thus promote the rendering of flavors.


Wotofo profile rdta Irish market conteins

Wotofo profile rdta Irish market conteins

1 x Profile RDTA
1 x NexMesh NI80 0.20 ohm
1 x NexMesh A1 0.16 ohm
1 x NexMesh A1 0.13 ohm
2 x NI80 0.33 ohm coils
4 x cotton pads
1 x RDA adapter
2 x spare steel cables
1 x set of spare parts spare
1 x user manual