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30ml Boule De coco diy eliquid Ireland


The concentrated Coconut Ball 30ml aroma from the Bon Voyag e range by  Le Coq Qui Vape  offers you a real gourmet journey. Originally from Vietnam, coconut balls where coconut pearls are served. 

Bottle: 30ml

Suggested concentration: 10-15%

Maturing time: 3-5 days


Producer: Bon Voyage
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Eur 12.99 pcs
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Coconut balls between fruity and gourmet flavors

The Sesame Coconut Ball from the Bon Voyage range by Le Coq Qui Vape is the subtle but perfect balance between fruity and gourmet flavors with a recipe that praises coconut in the form of small balls, a typical Asian dessert.

The richness of the flavors of the coconut is then pushed to its climax thanks to the Coq Qui Vape which understands all its complexity to transcribe you a madly greedy mixture. These little coconut balls will deliver an intense and wonderfully scented vape that you will never get tired of.

Lovers of fruity and gourmet flavors, the Sesame Coconut Ball from the Bon Voyage range invites you to taste one of the most beautiful variations of coconut in an authentic and balanced recipe.

 Composition: Artificial food flavors, Food flavors, Propylene glycol

Sesame Coconut Ball dosage

This product is a concentrate of aromas. It does not vaporize as is, it dilutes with a neutral base. The Coconut Sesame Ball flavor must imperatively be diluted in a PG / VG base, and precisely dosed in milliliters or drop by drop, according to a percentage of the volume of e-liquid to be designed.
To make an electronic cigarette liquid with the DIY Coconut Ball Sesame flavor , it is advisable to mix:

  • 15% concentrate in a 50/50 PG / VG base

Once measured, mix your preparation for a few minutes to dilute the aroma evenly. Do not hesitate to mix your mixture several times a day, the result will be even better.