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Nice range of Squonk mods for squonking in Ireland. Squonk vapemods are also known as a bottom feeder mods - BF mods. Squonk systems are taking the vaping industry by storm, as they are easier to use. Just squeeze the bottle in the mod and e liquid will go directly in to your tank. Usually Squonk mods are paired with RDAs. So you do not need to open your RDA vape tank anymore. The nightmere of RDA tanks is gone and all those flooded tanks are saved thanks to the Squonking. Even if you overfill your tank by pressing Squonk bottle too much, the remaining excess liquid will be flushed back in to the Squonk bottle. To make sure your vape tank can be paired with squonk mod, ensure your tank has BF pin connection. 

How does a squonk mod work?

Here is the step-by-step process of how this type of vape system works. 

  1. Fill the e-liquid bottle at the bottom of the system with your choice of e-liquid and replace it. 
  2. Squeeze the bottle gently to make the e-juice rise into the rebuildable drip atomizer
  3. Release the bottle and let the bottle go back to its original form. Any extra e-liquid that is left in the rebuildable drip atomizer will be sucked back into the bottle, leaving only enough to wet the wick and coils. 
  4. Fire the mod to take a puff. You can continue vaping until the flavor starts to diminish and then simply squeeze the bottle again to re-wet the wick.