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SKE Crystal Original Nic Salt E-Liquid

Crystal Original nic salt e-liquids are bottled by SKE and offer their the best selling flavours from the SKE Crystal Bar disposable vapes range. These salts are available in both 10mg and 20mg strengths, so you can reduce the nicotine level and see what strength works for you. Crystal Bar liquids are produced with salt nicotine which means you can experience very smooth throat hit and super-quick nicotine craving satisfaction, as it’s absorbed by the body way faster than standard freebase nicotine. Plus, their 50% VG consistency makes them great for use with MTL (Mouth To Lung) vapes. It is highly recommended to use it as a disposable vape replacement together with some nice pod kit and you will have even nicer vape experience guaranteed. For those who does not know Crystal brand, it is in top 3 best selling brands of disposable kits in UK. Some flavours are nicer than Lost Marys or Elf bars, so it is worth to try it. 

SKE Crystal Original Nic Salt E-Liquid