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30ml Crumble diy e liquid from France to Ireland

La Fabrique Française brings out of its stoves a delicious apple and butter cake, cooked to perfection for the greatest gourmets among you. A balance worked with love to deliver an incredibly realistic dessert, now available in 30ml concentrate!

  • Capacity: 30ml
  • Dosage in% from (in 50/50): 20%
  • Origin: France
  • Aroma: Complex
  • Fresh / Menthol: No
  • Dosage in drops from (in 50/50): 100 drops / 10 ml
  • Flavor: Pastry
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: in stock
Eur 12.99 pcs

Crumble diy e liquid from France to Ireland

A delicious melting and realistic crumble.

A recipe mastered from start to finish

Close your eyes and smell that crumble smell just coming out of the oven. A delicate blend of red apples, brown sugar and butter. A recipe made by the most gourmet cooks at La Fabrique Française.

On inspiration, the roundness of melted butter will line your palate in the sweetest way. The fruity and sweet side of the apple will take place as soon as you exhale, a real addiction packaged in a vial of concentrate!

The Crumble is a concentrated aroma made in France by La Fabrique Française. Intended for DIY, it must be diluted in a base at the PG VG rate of your choice in order to make your e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. You will dose it from 100 drops for 10ml or 20% for a 50PG / 50VG base. It is advisable to let your e-liquid rest for at least 3 days in order to optimize the flavors.

The Crumble by La Fabrique Française is available in a 30ml PET type vial with child safety and dropper tip to facilitate the preparation of your DIY e-liquids.

Be careful, this is a concentrated aroma, it must be diluted in a base at the PG VG rate of your choice before being used in your electronic cigarette. It should under no circumstances be consumed as is.