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30ml Drago Diy E-liquid in Ireland by Swoke vape


Combination of two flavors, which goes crazy well together paired with small berries. 

Swoke vape combined Strawberries with tropical Dragon Fruit and goji seeds in a powerful concentrate of 30 ml.

  • Capacity: 30ml
  • Dosage in% from (in 50/50): 10%
  • Origin: France
  • Aroma: Complex
  • Fresh / Menthol: No
  • Dosage in drops from (in 50/50): 60 drops / 10ml
  • Maturation time: 1 week
  • Flavor: Fruity
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Eur 13.50 pcs
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Drago Diy E-liquid in Ireland

Seize the supremacy of the soaring dragon

Draco wears his emblem tattooed on his back, this celestial warrior is fearless and places these ideals of justice and honor above all else. To make the aromatic profile of this charismatic character, the geniuses of Swoke have chosen to attribute to him the dragon fruit, the strawberry and the goji seeds in a powerful concentrate of 30 ml.

Swoke's Drago Saint Flava Concentrate will take you back to Wednesday mornings in front of 80s manga. You can put a little of the dragon flight supremacy in your cloud of mist!

A fruity concentrate with an epic taste

Strawberry and dragon fruit are two fruits that fused together work wonderfully. Like Yin and Yang, the whole is harmonious. To this duo, Swoke has added goji seeds, these small berries are powerful thanks to their notes close to fruity cereals.

A concentrate that steep in 1 week and that will delight your palates in need of adventure. Knights, to your armor!

Usage tips

The Drago Saint Flava concentrate is a concentrated aroma for DIY made in France by Swoke. It is dosed up to 60 drops (10%) in 10ml of base at the rate of 50/50 PG / VG. However, you can use a base with a different PG / VG rate, then you just have to adjust the dosage of the aroma accordingly.

The Drago Saint Flava concentrate is packaged in a 30ml PET type vial and has child safety as well as a fine tip for more convenience when preparing your DIY e-liquid. We advise you to let your mixture sit for three to five days in order to obtain a perfect taste balance.

Be careful, this is a concentrated flavor, so it must be diluted in a base at the PG / VG rate of your choice before being used. It should in no case be consumed as is.