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ASPIRE Tigon coils (5 pack )

Producer: Tigon coils Ireland
Code: Aspire
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ASPIRE Tigon coils in IRELAND (5 pack )

5 x Aspire Tigon Replacement Coils for the Tigon Tank and Kit

Available in 0.4 ohm Direct Inhale Coil and 1.4 ohm Mouth to Lung Coil

The Aspire Tigon coils are designed for the Tigon e-cig kit. Available in either 0.4ohm or 1.2ohm resistance options, the Tigon coils can cater to both direct lung and mouth to lung vaping styles, plus the push fit system makes changing the coils fast and efficient.

When removing and/or replacing the glass tube on the childproof TPD version of the tank, you need to follow these steps. First, unscrew and remove the base hardware and pull out the coil. Then invert the tank and using the special key provided, unlock the top hardware by placing it in the slot of the screw holding the top hardware (see diagram). Next, remove the glass tube. Replace the glass tube and follow the steps in reverse, (it is easier to place the screw onto the key first to locate it into the top hardware), secure the screw, insert the coil and replace the base hardware.
Remember, before using a coil for the first time to let it stand for 5 minutes after filling with e-liquid to saturate the coil and avoid dry hit and damage to the coil.