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Dinner Lady Mango Ice Disposable Vape Pen


Very solid disposable vape in the shape same as a traditional cigarette, the Dinner Lady vape pen with pre-filled Mango Ice nicotine salt offers up to 400 puffs, which is equivalent of 20 traditional cigarettes. 

Dinner Lady Mango Ice disposable vape pen features fresh fruity and juicy mango paired with icy cooling effect called koolada for nice icy exhale. 

Thanks to the 20mg per ml of tasty nic salt, Dinner lady vape pen will satisfy your nicotine habbit in seconds and you will love the small tiny mouthpiece. 

Producer: Dinner Lady
Warranty: 24 months
Code: Ice Mango disposable vape pen
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Eur 5.99 pcs
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Dinner Lady Ice Mango vape pen Ireland

Dinner lady proudly introduce their new disposable vape pen with Mango and cooling effect taste. It has a different shape as other disposable vape devices on the market. Dinner lady decided to make it as close to traditional cigarettes, so their new vape pens are in shape of cigarettes. With 1.5ml of tasty nic salt, pre-charged battery, 1.6 ohm coils this vape pen is ideal partner for on-to-go vaping style. 


Dinner Lady Disposable vape pen Ice mango Ireland

Dinner Lady Ice mango disposable vape pen

Dinner lady is light and very strong build disposable vape device. Fully designed and produced in UK. Dinner lady vape pen is made out of SS and it accomodate lots of safety features. It contains 20mg of tasty nicotine salts, which helps to satisfy your smoking habbit way faster than traditional e-liquids. 

Compare to traditinal e-cigarettes, this vape pen is ready to use in seconds. It is draw activated. Micro coil unit system helps with battery protection, so all dinner lady vape pens are fireproof and thanks to the strong shelf can withstand up to 9kg of pressure to ensure a leak-free vape.

With only 10cm in lenght this vape pen will fit everywhere you want. 

Dinner lady disposable vape kits are maintance free, no refilling, no charging, no replacement part. Just open it and vape. Everything is powered by PCB unit, which also control Vottage output. 

If you are looking for slim and descret designed disposable e cigarette with fantastic taste and satisfaction,  Dinner Lady vape pen is your choice no1



How to use Dinner Lady disposable vape pen

There is nothing more easier than use Dinner lady vape pen. Please follow 5 steps:

1. Open the Vape pen cardboard box and remove all contents
2. Tear the plastic foil packaging and remove the disposable vape pen
3. Remove and discard the silicon plug and label it at the bottom of the device
4. Activate the vape by drawing on the end of the pod – an LED light will glow on the bottom of the e-cig
5. After 400 puffs, the LED light will flash when depleted – at this point, safely dispose of the device.

Dinner lady vape pen Ireland


Dinner Lady disposable e cigarette Ireland

Dinner Lady disposable vape pen contains

1 x Dinner Lady Mango Ice Vape Pen – contained within a foil sleeve for freshness

Dinner Lady disposable vape Ireland Dinner Lady disposable e cigarette Ireland

What is dinner Lady disposable vape pen?

Dinner lady vape pen is a single usage e cigarette, which does not require maintace at all. There are no spare parts and can not be recharged. Vape pen is coming pre-charged with 350mah battery and pre-filled with 1.5ml of Dinner lady nicotine salt e liquid. It contains everything as traditional cigarette: battery, build in vape pod, coils with resistance of 1.6 ohms and nic salt vape juice. 

How long does the dinner lady vape pen last?

TPD version for Europe with 350mah battery and 1.5ml e-liquid last up to 400 puffs. There is no need to use it as soon as opened. Battery stays charged and liquid has no way to dissapere. In General we can say Dinner Lady vape pen last one full day, same as a traditional box of cigarettes. This can vary on your vaping style. If you are taking longer puffs, it will not last full 400 puffs. 

Do Dinner Lady vape pens have nicotine?

Yes, all Dinner lady disposable vape pens contents nicotine. Depend on your choice you can choose between 10mg per ml or stronger 20mg per ml. 

Are Dinner Lady vape pens save to use?

Yes. Dinner lady vape pens are coming with few safety feutures. The vape pen contents antifire system, with battery protection and everything is well packed in Stainless steel shelf. 

Can you refill disposable Dinner Lady vape pens?

No, they are single usage e cigarette only. Dinner lady is coming precharged and prefilled with nicotine salts vape juice. They are also known as trown away after empty. 

What Flavours does Dinner lady vape pens offer?

Dinner Lady vape pens offer 13 amazing flavors: Lemon Tart, BubbleGum Ice, Fresh Menthol, Blue Menthol, , Strawberry Macaroon, Lemon Sherbets Ice, Tropic chill, Smooth Tobacco, Banana Ice, Citrus ice, , fruit mix, Mango Ice and Strawberry Ice

What are the best Dinner Lady vape pen flavours?

  1. Lemon Tart
  2. Lemon Sherbet Ice
  3. Strawberry Mac
  4. Citrus Ice
  5. Mango Ice.
  6. This is purely down to personal preference though, but those are the best selling so in other words, the best Dinner Lady vape pens flavours.