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Disposable e-cigarette Salt Switch 20mg


The Salt Switch body is only 103mm long and is made of aluminum alloy and plastic. The coating is very pleasant to the touch and the device itself feels good in the hand.

The SALT SWITCH is a "closed system" type of disposable POD system using disposable cartridges that is rated for 450 puffs! SALT SWITCH does not require recharging and fluid replacement.

Producer: Salt
Warranty: 24 months
Code: Switch disposable vape kit
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Eur 2.99 pcs

Disposable e-cigarette by Salt Switch Ireland

SALT Switch is an easy-to-use disposable vape device designed for adults, who wish to switch from a traditional e-cigarette to a luxurious and modern accessory. The switch kit contains a charged battery, an atomizer, and a e-liquid.

SALT Switch offers pocked size of 103 x 17 x 11 mm, which makes it easy to carry in a jeans pocket without restricting yourself in movement. SALT Switch fits easily into a small handbags too. Quality materials used like durable aluminum case reliably protects the device from any mechanical damage.

One of the main advantages of the SALT Switch device is that you do not need to worry about it. There is no maintenance of the atomizer and the battery charge level, because it is enough for the entire life of the device, and the indicator at the bottom of the device will inform you about the end of this period.

The small size of the device, ease of use, the use of high technology together with an elegant and minimalist design - this is SALT Switch.

How to use salt swith

It is easy. Start using the SALT Switch ecig, you just need to take it out of the box and packaging, take the first inhale and enjoy the rich and bright taste. By the way, the Switch line has 16 different flavors, from classic tobacco flavor to exotic mango, or cool watermelon! You do not need to be worried about the right taste, they re produced by BREW CO, which are time proven e-liquid professionals. 

How to use salt switch

Are there some buttons or how it knows when I vape?

There are no buttons to operate your Switch. First, take small puffs to feel the vapour, and continue using. There is an air sensor, which will start the vape process. The device starts working automatically when you inhale. If the puff seems very harsh, inhale less and exhale more slowly.

Can I re-use it again?

SALT Switch devices use their own closed system, thanks to which they are leakproof. This closed pod system can not be refilled or recharged. There is enough of battery life time and liquid for up to 450 puffs, which means box of traditional cigarettes. If you put it away, you can come back to it even after few days. It will be waiting for you and ready to vape when you are. 



What is the nicotine concentration in the SALT Switch device?

Nicotine strength depends on the SALT Switch model. Each SALT Switch device contains 2 ml of liquid and 20 mg of nicotine, but there is a line of devices (SALT Switch ZERO which we do not offer in Ireland) with 0 mg of nicotine (nicotine free) - you choose. The number of puffs is 450, but this number directly depends on the intensity of vaping, both upward and downward.


How many puffs will I get from my SALT Switch ?

The life of the Switchs is limited to 450 puffs and depends on the intensity of vaping, both upward and downward.