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What is a vape pod? A pod for vaping is a very small vape based E cigarette. Each vape pod content two-parts. Pod filled with vape e liquid that snaps into second part - small vape battery. They are usually available in pre-filled or refillable form. We only stock pre-filled vape pods at the moment, as we find them cheaper to use and also you can choose your favorite e juice and not original vape pod liquids, which are not the same. Most pod vapes are also known as pod mods, vape pods, mini vapes or pod systems. were designed for smokers transitioning into vaping. Style of the vape pods its usually much nicer and cooler than traditional e cigarettes.

Benefits of vape pods : small easy to use, low ejuice consumption, easy to maintain, descret. 

Downsides of pod vapes: small battery capacity, low vape production, are more expensive