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Innokin Adept Zlide vape mod


Innokin Ireland - Vape kit, mod, tank, coils

We are happy to introduce a new Innokin mod in Ireland known as The Adept Zlide vape mod. Innokin Adept Zlide e-cigarette mod complies with IP67 safety standards and accomodate a long-lasting build in 3000 mAh rechargeable vaping battery.

Its chipset features an intelligent automatic resistance identification system and offers 4 different power settings depend on the coil using. The Adept vape mod is ideal to pair with MTL tanks as its maximum power is 17W. 

Manufacturer Innokin
Type Adept Zlide mod
Category Vape mod, build in battery vape mod, Innokin mod, Innokin
Dimensions 19.7mm x 117.7mm
Battery 3000mAh, Built-in
Output Wattage 5W-17W
Producer: Innokin
Warranty: 3 months
Code: Adept mod
Availability: out of stock
Eur 39.00 pcs
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The Adept Mod is made of a robust alloy and manufactured according to IP67, so the Mod is dust, water and shock resistant and looks first class. The mod measures a total of 84.1mm x 30mm x 43.5mm and integrates a 3000mAh battery in addition to the modern chipset.

Both the charge level and the working mode are displayed via the LEDs and always keep the user up to date. The integrated battery is charged with 2A via the USB port.

The chipset is equipped with 4 power levels and automatically uses the best mode for the coil used in the tank and the current charge level. However, the level can also be set manually.




Best vape battery Innokin Adept in Ireland

Innokin Adept - best vape battery for MTL?

The Adept Mod is water resistant, shockproof and dust proof. Waterproof IP67, able to withstand immersion or splash. Shock resistant, the Mod has less chance of accidentally breaking! Anti-dust (IP67), the Mod is able to withstand dirty or dusty environment and can be easily cleaned.


Innokin adept vape mod long lasting battery

The Adept Mod accomodate a huge 3000mAh battery and is equipped with an indicator that will indicate the remaining battery level as well as the charge status

Innokin Adept charging can also be done quickly with a 5V 2A charge.

Innokin Adept vape mod Ireland


Innokin Adept vape mod Ireland

Innokin Adept vape mod Ireland

Get your new stylish vape e cigarette battery and choose the color you will love for months. 

Innokin adept vape mod

Adept mod coils reader

Thanks to the new Chipset, Innokin adept can read installed coils in your tank and select the best settings for your coils. Please note maximum power is 17W.

The Mod Adept has an intelligent resistance identification system coupled with a selection of 4 powers depending on the resistance value.
So with a resistance less than 1Ω you can adjust the power to 11W, 12W, 13W and 14W and with a resistance greater than 1Ω you can adjust the power to 14W, 15W, 16W and 17W.

Innokin Adept vape mod ireland

Innokin Adept vape mod and safety

The Mod Adept adopts several protections such as: short circuits, overheating, overload, automatic cut-off after 10sec, etc.