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Juice head bar Mango Lychee disposable vape kit


Juice head disposable bar with tropical sweet Mango blend with really nice Lychee flavour. This flavour is mouth watering all day vape in disposable bar. 

Built in battery and pre-filled vape pod with Juice head Juices fits perfectly into your mouth, hand, bags or pockets with no leaking guaranteed. 

Enjoy the Juice head draw acctivated disposable vapes for best prices in Ireland. 

Producer: Juice Head
Warranty: 24 months
Code: Mango Lychee bar
Availability: OUT OF STOCK
Eur 4.50 pcs
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Juice head bar with tropical Mango Lychee. This flavour is mouth watering all day vape in disposable bar. 

Juice head disposable bar with Mango Lychee flavored Nic salts satisfy all fruity lovers and thanks to the Nic salts, your body will get nicotine way faster, as by standard e-liquids. Vaping Juice head bar is safe, as their bars feature all safety requirements for disposable e-cigarettes. 


Juice head disposable bar Ireland

Juice Head bars disposable pod device main features

  • 2ml e-liquid
  • 600 Puffs per device
  • Draw Activated
  • Available in 20mg
  • E-Liquid Ratio 50%VG 50%PG

All our products are fully TPD compliant.


How to use Juice head disposable vape kits?

Using or vaping Juice head disposable vape bars is simple as count to three. Unpack your new Juice head bar. Remove rubber piece from mouthpiece and your Juice head bar is ready to vape. It is activated automaticaly with your first draw. There is a led light indicating usage of your disposable vape. 

Mango Lychee Cali Juice head bar


Juice head Cali disposable vape bar Ireland

What other flavours do you offer in Cali Juice head disposable bars?

We offer full range of Cali Juice head disposable vape pens. If there is some flavors missing it means it is sold out. 

Other flavors you can buy in Ireland are Red Apple, Green Apple, Peach and Pineapple, Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple lime and others. 


How many puffs are in Cali Juice head disposable bars?

Juice head bars are offering 2ml Nic salt based e-liquid which will provide 600 puffs. 

Is it safe to use Juice head Cali bars?

Yes, Juice head Cali disposable pod devices are coming with all safety features required for disposable vape kits. 

What is Juice head bar equal to normal cigarettes?

Traditional cigarettes in pack of 20s provide usually 400 puffs, so Juice head offers you day and half usage if you are on a box of cigarettes. But keep in mind these amazing flavors are very addicted, so you will vape it more often than traditional cigarettes.