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Producer: Dekang
Warranty: 1 year
Code: Dekang spearmint e juice
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Spearmint E liquid IRELAND

Vapor flavor can be used for all types of cartridges of e-cigarettes, their modes, e-hookahs, (drip machines), etc.


All products undergo independent quality control and have multiple international certificates.


E-liquid Dekang has a unique formula that provides a taste of natural extract.

Feature of spearmint e-liquid:

1. The E-liquid (E-juice) is specialized for electronic cigarette cartridges.

2. There are hundreds of flavors and different volume you can choose.

3. The e-liquid is extracted from naturally tobacco, tastier and healthier than any other synthetic e-liquid.

4. The cigarette e-liquid does not contain any harmful substances and it doesn't produce second hand smoke.

5. Our products have been obtained CE, FCC, FDA, ROHS certificates, High Quality Assurance.

6. Popular flavors: tobacco, cherry, mint, vanilla, coffee, chocolate etc.

7. E-liquid strength: zero, low, middle, high, extra high.


Know more about e-liquid:

The two main types of e-liquid are known as PG (Propylene Glycol) --used in food flavorings and also in fog machines nightclubs to produce amoke appearance. And the other is PG (Vegetable Glycerin) which is more syrupy and is derived from vegetables. Generally the PG has a better throat hit and flavor than VG while VG can produce a little more vapor. PG e-liquid is the most common e-liquid on the market today.