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Dinner Lady Disposable vape pen Ireland

Dinner lady is allready an old veteran in e-liquid industry. With their new Diposable vape pen, they hit Irish market by storm. Amazing 13 flavoures, in nicotine salts form designed in small, stylish, pen style e cigarette, which will fit into every pocket or women bag. Dinner Lady disposable vape pen is ideal partner for nights out, try vaping for the first time or for occasional smokers. Thanks to the very good reviews, Dinner Lady disposable vapes are one of the nicest regarding taste and shape. They are draw activated, featuring very small mouthpiece and weight only 16g. With up to 400 puffs, Dinner lady disposable vape pen can offer longer vaping, than a box of traditional cigarettes. Dinner lady disposable vapes are coming in different flavours, from fruit, mentol to very popular tobacco. 

Dinner Lady disposable vape pen Ireland