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Vision Spinner 1300mah battery Ireland

We were lucky to get full stock of Vision Spinner batteries again. It is first version, as second and third is no longer in production. Vision decided to produce their first version again. 

We are the only Vape shop in Ireland stocking it, as we bought full stock they produced. 

  • VoltageVariable Voltage
  • Battery Storage1300MAH
  • BrandVision
  • Product Type: Spinner Battery
  • ColourSilver, rainbow, red
Producer: Vision
Warranty: 3 months
Code: Spinner battery Ireland
Availability: in stock
Eur 21.99 pcs
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Vision Spinner 1300mah battery in Ireland

We are thrilled to announce that we have managed to secure a fresh batch of the ever-popular Vision Spinner batteries. Vision, known for their commitment to excellence, have decided to re-introduce their landmark first version. The succeeding versions, the second and third, have sadly ceased from production, making their first model especially coveted. 

Why should I buy Spinner I battery

Step into the future of vaping with the Vision Spinner Silver 1300mAh battery, not just any regular battery, but an innovative variable voltage battery. Ingeniously utilising smart buck-boost converter technology, this unique battery boasts an adjustable voltage output from 3.2v to a staggering 4.8v. By simply twirling the dial located at the bottom, you can customise your vaping experience. Furthermore, you'll be thrilled to know that the regulated voltage output astonishingly remains steady, even as the battery power lessens.

Safety First

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Vision Spinner Battery triumphs over conventional eGo batteries, owing to its superior safety mechanisms. Its safety arsenal comprises three distinct forms of protection:First, it offers short-circuit protection, ensuring that you're not hit with any sudden or unexpected power surges. This handy little feature essentially means that if the battery detects a short, it automatically switches off - giving you not only peace of mind, but also prolonging the battery life. Secondly, the Vision Spinner boasts an awe-inspiring over-charge protection system. In other words, once the battery charge reaches 100%, it stops drawing power, averting any potential damage caused by overcharging. Finally, given the remarkable safety cutoff/atomiser protection component, should you press the power button for over 10 seconds, the Vision Spinner will automatically cut off to prevent overheating or potential damage to the atomiser.


You see, this revolutionary piece of technology exudes quality in every aspect. From the sleek design and robust build that can endure even the most heavy-handed of vapers, to the masterly-executed variable voltage feature, allowing for a totally customisable vaping experience, one can hardly ever put it in the shadow of standard eGo batteries. The Vision Spinner battery lets you adjust the voltage from 3.3V up to 4.8V. What this means for you, the vaper, is that you can control the amount of vapour you produce.

Where can I buy Vision Spinner batteries

Well, get ready to hold your hats, folks, because we are the ONLY vape shop in Ireland stockpiling the Vision Spinner Battery. This unique pen style battery, despite its unassuming appearance, packs a punch with power and quality that is simply unparalleled.

How to operate your Vision Spinner battery and quick tip
  • Simply give it 5 quick clicks within a two-second window, and presto, your battery is fired up and raring to go or safely powered down.
  • Experience an extraordinary lifespan available with a fully charged 1300mAh Spinner variable voltage battery. It gallantly offers between 12 to 18 hours of use, ensuring you're never left high and dry.
  • Remember, power management is the key. Utilising the battery at a higher voltage output will invariably deplete the battery quicker than at a lower voltage. Our suggestion? Begin your vaping journey on a low voltage and gently elevate the voltage little by little until you hit just the right spot for your atomizer/cartomizer. The perfect balance between longevity and satisfaction!

Inside the Box: 1 pcs of Original Vision Spinner I battery with 1300mah capacity and variable voltage function. Charger not included. You can add it here

Maintenance and Care:
To ensure your Vision Spinner battery works at peak performance, always keep the contact pin immaculate. Dabs of e-liquid or e-juice may linger on the centre pin - a cotton bud or a bit of tissue should do the trick in cleaning it! The battery top must be spruced up and dry to ensure a seamless contact between your battery and clearomizer/tank. The cleaner, the better - let's maximize those puffs! 

The Versatile Fit:
Your Vision Spinner battery is the true blue definition of universal compatibility! It fits perfectly with all 510 and eGo fitting clearomizers/tanks. One battery, multiple choices - isn't that fantastic?