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Discover Ireland biggest stock of Disposable vapes. We sellected from best and cheapest disposable vaping kits and become your Vape store for all your disposable kits, bars, sticks or disposable pens. 

What are Disposable vape kits

Disposable vapes are coming in different shapes and we can choose between disposable vape Pens, disposable Bars or disposable Sticks. We can describe them as single usage e cigarette kits, which are coming pre-charged, filled with e-liquid and ready to use as soon as opened from the box. Disposable vapes are very simple to use and they contains every piece as traditional Cigarette. Disposable vape kits contains batteries, tanks or pods, coils and also E-liquid. There are no settings, no buttons just open and vape. Vaping is activated by first inhaling. We can describe it as a single use e cigarette, with trown away style once epmty. 

Disposable vape kits are they good for vaping?

Yes and no at the same time. They are very small, compact size  disposable vape devices with many flavers to choose from. They are good for beginners or first time vapers, or for someone who vapes or planning to vape occasionally. For example weekends, parties etc. For this people. On other side this new vaping trend using Disposables is more expensive than using normal e cigarettes and it is also not eco - friendly. Once your disposable e cig is empty you trow it away and buy a new one when needed. They usually last day or two with maximum 500 - 600 puffs. Thanks to their pocket size, amazing flavors and no assembly set up Disposable vape style kits are the best selling E cigarette kits these days. 

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